Listen to the silence…..

I have long had an interest in mindfulness and drawing but today was a first when I took part in an online Zoom meditation drawing session guided by artist Katie Solohub. Whilst I have a daily meditation practice, I have not ever tied my art and my meditation together before.

Clouds and wind, mixed media.

However, it makes sense that in order to quiet the mind and draw instinctively, that incorporating meditation practice would be the obvious step. Katie runs regular meditation and drawing sessions and it was a powerful experience. To spend an hour, with other artists, in silence (except for Katies brief instructions) alternatively meditating, drawing and reflecting was very moving. I found myself drawing sound (as I have incorporated soundscapes into my drawing already), then I started drawing clouds which was fascinating – when was the last time you spent 5 minutes totally focussed on cloud watching? I am not sure I have ever done that! I also drew the wind in the trees outside my studio.

I loved taking an hour just to be present, and draw. I have the feeling this will be an important part of my practice.

It is enough to listen to the silence

It is enough
to listen to the silence.
Silence comes o fetch us
where we have just been
with our thoughts and feelings.

It is enough
to listen to the silence.
Silence brings us
to where we are now,
right here,
into this room,
to this place,
this morning.

It is enough
to listen to the silence.
Silence embraces
what wants to become.
Whatever this day brings us,
is held,
and always has been,
in this silence

It is enough
to listen to the silence.

Silvia Ostertag, Living Silence: Tuning in and Practicing

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