About me

I explore the voids and liminal spaces in our minds that may feel uncomfortable. Liminal spaces are those that are neither one thing nor another, they are marginal, on the edge, and can be insecure and unstable. Consequently, it can be uncomfortable and a dangerous place we are scared to cross, but crossing is transformative, we leave something behind and have a new start.

My practice is focused on realising the somatic feelings and experiences of being a professional woman over 50. Due to the diverse nature of these feelings, I work intuitively with different media or genre depending on what I need to convey.

When I feel strongly about something, I will make a piece of art to explore it, in an effort to understand myself and grow. 

Memberships: Peninsular Artists and an Associate Artist at Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport. 

In 2016 I gained an MA in Fine Art. 

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