Ailsa Brims Art

I am an artist from Gosport, UK and I am interested in places that are neither here nor there, edges, liminal spaces, and how we are so rarely truly present – we rush past without being mindful of where we are. I work in several media, depending on what I want to say. I am currently working on a series of paintings which express my feelings about the Priddy’s Hard area of Gosport. I exhibit regularly in the local area.



  • Fun with my sketchbook
    Away from my studio for a few days, so I have broken out a new concertina sketchbook to fill up with sketches. I did this last year for the first time and found it immensely satisfying to record the local area in light fun sketches instead of endless photographs (which to be fair, I still did!). See below for last years record of West Bay 🙂 These are done with my Stabilo Woody crayons that are so versatile. I pre-mark and ink the pages (one side blue or indigo and one side burnt sienna) so that the pages are readyContinue reading “Fun with my sketchbook”

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