Ailsa Brims Art

I am an artist from Gosport, UK and I am interested in places that are neither here nor there, edges, liminal spaces, and how we are so rarely truly present – we rush past without being mindful of where we are. I work in several media, depending on what I want to say. I’ve been spending my time recently playing with new techniques to see what develops!



  • Layers of time – a new series of work
    After many years of using different genre, tools and media to express what I was feeling I have found a practice I love.   I have painted abstractly for some time but was still dissatisfied with the results, partly because I found the process too quick to feel I had truly contributed to the work.    Before covid hit I was already experimenting with new media, having used mostly watercolours, and I took the opportunity of lockdowns and fewer exhibitions, to step back and think about what I wanted to achieve with my work.    Without doubt I knew I wanted to expressContinue reading “Layers of time – a new series of work”