I was just sat under my favorite bridge and was remembering the freezing cold May evening when my husband and I filmed a short art piece called ‘Liminal’ for my MA Fine Art.

I came home to realise that I have never actually posted it here! So here it is!

My only regret is that a fish didn’t swim by, the lake is full of them, we see them daily – or even a seal which we saw this week! Maybe next time.

This is a cut down version of a longer video of the tide falling under Forton Bridge, Gosport in May 2016. The original is uncut and lasts 15 minutes and was shown at the MA Fine Art Degree Show in Portsmouth, August 2016.

The tidal areas of our beaches are liminal spaces – they are neither here nor there, neither land nor sea. Liminal spaces are areas of change and as such are dangerous, chaotic places. Twice daily the environment reverses and the creatures and plants that live in this liminality have to adapt and cope with the dangers of constant change. Beaches are also, in the UK especially, the border between ‘us and them’, they form our national border and feature significantly in British culture. From smugglers to pirates, the beach is a place of excitement and potential threat. Dusk is also a liminal time – neither day nor night, it is also a time of change and danger, and beauty.

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