Forton Creek Series

After a lot of work, I have produced three paintings that I am very pleased with, that convey my feelings about the creek near my home.

Like many of us, I started reallly seeing my local area during the pandemic and I expect a lot more work in the future which is inspired by this fascinating area. It’s a mixture of wild nature, sea, mud, and industrial decay all mingled together. When I am stressed, it’s my peaceful place.

The creek
Crunch, smell, decay
Man and nature, unearthing with every storm
Rust and tangle
Roots and stones
Constant change
Uniformity and chaos
Death and beauty.
At one with the world
I sit.
At peace.

Ailsa Brims 2022.

These three, 30cm square abstract multimedia paintings will be at Yellow Edge Gallery, Gosport at the end of June / early July.

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