Fun with my sketchbook

Away from my studio for a few days, so I have broken out a new concertina sketchbook to fill up with sketches. I did this last year for the first time and found it immensely satisfying to record the local area in light fun sketches instead of endless photographs (which to be fair, I still did!). See below for last years record of West Bay 🙂 These are done with my Stabilo Woody crayons that are so versatile. I pre-mark and ink the pages (one side blue or indigo and one side burnt sienna) so that the pages are ready for sketches.

Quick sketches in my concertina sketchbook

After a couple of windy and wet days we headed up to St Peter’s Church at Eype for the current art exhibition there. (See Eype Centre for the Arts for the programme, there is often an excellent show there).

The show is by Stephen Bishop, a local Dorset artist, who was invigilating. I loved Stephen’s work! Large enthusiastic colourful canvasses, filled with light and texture that felt very emotional to me. Exuberant would be the right word! I really enjoyed his work and felt uplifted when we left.

Well worth a visit, the show is on until 29th May.

Whilst I was there, I started my new sketchbook, recording some of the gravestones in the old graveyard. An unusual subject matter but a fascinating one!

When I get home I will work into this book, collage and add additional marks so it becomes a record of my trip. This is nothing like the abstract work I do but these shapes become a jumping off point for future non representational work.

Rough (very rough!) sketches of some wonderful old gravestones.
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