I am busy at the moment, planning a new series of work based on Portsmouth Harbour and specifically the area around Forton Lake and the old buildings in Priddy’s Hard. This area is endlessly fascinating to me and often the object of my photography but coming up with a series of abstract paintings is another thing entirely!

For that I need to consider so many different things – what do I want to say? What textures and patterns will I incorporate into my painting? What media will I use? What substrate and format? And lastly, what shapes call to me?

I have been working on this, in a scrapbook journal for several weeks. Lots of play, lots of collecting and lots of collage!

Here I have some digital collages of photographs, made in the Android app Snapseed, they are the next step to seeing what I love and how I might convey that in a larger piece of work. Lots of fun and lots of thinking!!

I’m a little obsessed with the wrecks on Forton Lake at the moment so most of these collages feature them in one way or another.

I am learning this technique on an excellent course, Approaches to Abstraction, by Sally Hirst which is challenging and recommended!

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