Expansion – seeing brilliance through the cracks

I recently (and rather belatedly I realise) came across the amazing work of Paige Bradley – a sculptor – with this incredible piece of work called Expansion.

It really blew me away to see this powerful image of the pure light within us and has stuck with me for some time. As Paige says:

….we need to make room for the feminine energy of being present instead of planning, listening instead of doing and accepting instead of judging. Expansion is about being still and alive to the moment. Only by real awareness of our environment can we live in a way in which we thrive, but that is also sustainable.

There is a fascinating story about how the first statue came about and how Paige learnt to let go and expand her work.  I feel she is portraying something extremely deep and moving here, something beyond words.

I suppose what Expansion comes to is the feeling of a soul. We all have a sense of soul, even if we can’t quite put a finger on what it is. There are no words for it, no real way to identify the feeling. But that image of light streaming out from the cracks in Expansion is the closest I’ve come to portraying it – that for me is our uniqueness, our shine.

We are all flawed, all cracked and damaged.  The secret perhaps is to let the world see the brilliance within rather than feeling vulnerable and trying to cover up our flaws.   Our strength is in being able to reverse our vulnerability and turn it into pure energy and light….

I really like her writing and other works too, I am looking forward to investigating further.    The themes above are similar to those I intend to cover for my MA.

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