Walking the land…..

Forton Lake, Gosport

At the end of June, I took a week off work to attend an intensive course called “Walking the land” by Emily Ball and Katie Solohub – a dive into how to paint my observations and feelings about the landscape around me.   As ever, my inspiration was Forton Creek, but from a different angle this time.   The course was fantastic, and I am still processing everything I learnt – in fact I think I will be working on this theme for a long time to come!    

We spent the week making about a dozen large pieces which expanded on our previous explorations ‘walking the land’ doing a variety of drawings, sketches and observations. I was particularly engrossed with sound drawings, which is something that I have incorporated into my practice – there is something special about marks made in response to sound. (See blog post here for more).

The pictures below are excerpts from the large studies I made during the week.

The 12 studies, were whittled down and I worked on six wooden panels which were inspired from the larger works.

Mixed media, A4 wooden boards.

Available for sale (framed or unframed) – details here.

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