A new series off for an exhibition…

It’s been a close run thing – long hours in the studio and no idea if I was going to make the (self-imposed) deadline of today to finish three, 60cm square canvasses for Titchfield Art Show next week.

I have learnt a great deal doing these paintings, not least that I should resist entering an exhibition before I have even bought the canvasses let alone developed a concept of what the work would be!

If you have read my blog about intuitive art, you’ll remember my issues around knowing how I do my art.   I can’t think it, if I do, it all goes haywire – I have to trust my instincts and just plough on. 

Nearly every day in the last week, I have come in for the evening and declared that I had ruined them.   On Tuesday I was so despondent that I went out on Wednesday and bought three more canvasses with the vague idea of starting again (fairly unrealistic, I was several weeks in with 5 days left at that point!) but somehow the act of doing so freed up my mind (I guess I had a backup plan however fantastical) and I was able to bring the paintings back from the abyss.

The Absence of You”  1, 2 & 3, 60cm square multimedia canvas – is a continuation of a theme I started last autumn about the longing for someone, the feeling that the space beside you is empty or there is something missing, a yearning. A lack….   I was particularly inspired by the Tim Minchin song of the same name.   

I don’t know
What all of this means
If you are not here with me
And I am lost
When we are apart
There’s a hole in my heart
That light passes through
And the pattern it creates
Is the shape of the absence of you.

A selection of lyrics by Tim Minchin

I think Chopin’s Piano Concerto No 2 has the same yearning feel – I’ve been listening to both of them on a loop! 

The three abstract multimedia paintings will be at Titchfield Art Show next Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd of April.   See their website for all the details.   

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