Ageing beautifully

Two weeks ago I was given a lovely bunch of tulips and I have loved watching them age, and I realised today what a metaphor they are for growing older and seeing beauty where many might only see decay.

At first the flowers were upright and prim and proper and within a couple of days they had relaxed, swooped and let it all hang out.    Just like when we gain the self awareness of what’s important and not to worry about what other people think so much!
And now the tulips are two weeks old and definitely at the end of life.  But I find them more beautiful than ever before.  They have dropped petals to reveal the secrets within, their colours have deepened and become so varied and rich and their stalks, although bent and curved, are far more fascinating than before.
My work this year is about turning 50, feeling invisible in the world of work and the shock of the menopause which women are not prepared for – we all know it’s coming but who really understands what it actually means and what it could be like?    At Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth in April, I will be showcasing three new artworks which shed light on this time in my life.
In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful tulips which have given me so much pleasure  watching them age.

PS I have just been reminded of the beautiful pictures by John Blakemore – do check out his work here – there are several series on tulips – incredible work!

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