The pictures they didn’t want you to see!

Yesterday I had 30 mins to wait between trains at Brighton Station, and since I had my camera with me and since it is a beautiful place, I started taking some pictures.  I tend to shoot from the hip and people rarely realise I am photographing.   After about 25mins, a security guard approached me and asked me to stop.   He said someone had “reported me” to the station manager.     I didn’t bother arguing, my train was due and I had a good set of pics already, however, just for the record, they couldn’t actually stop me shooting because

  1. I am a non-commercial photographer – a Fine Art student  and
  2. They would have to prove in court that I had damaged them, which I assume they couldn’t.

(this intel comes from a friend who is a seasoned professional photographer).     Ah well…
This link gives more info, although it is quite old.
It just makes me laugh really, it’s so ridiculous to stop me…
So here are the pictures they tried to ban!   Pretty salacious stuff….. I’m pleased with them actually, a mix between my street and mindful styles.   Colour and monochrome.  Red and yellow…

7 thoughts on “The pictures they didn’t want you to see!

  1. Love these photos! I’m a fine art student and have been doing a similar thing to you, people just don’t like the secrecy/lack of control behind the idea but that’s the bit I love!


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