Layers of time

These multimedia paintings use layers and layers of collage, ink, paint and other media to build up a deep history of marks and stories.   The paintings take many hours of work over several weeks because each mark is in response to the previous mark, each layer is built up in response to the previous layers.   It can take time to reflect and intuit what the next move should be and is a fascinating and enjoyable process.   Glimpses of multiple previous layers are visible but many are hidden and covered and never seen again.   

My paintings may be a response to my external environment, and are influenced by daily walks along the coast of Portsmouth Harbour where I live.  Equally the work is driven by my internal struggles and reflections as I unpeel layers of myself.

My process is intuitive and driven by fun.   I collage papers  and use a variety of unusual tools as well as the more usual brushes, nibs and pens as well as my fingers.    One painting could comprise acrylic paint, inks, oil pastels, charcoal, graphite, acrylic pens, water-soluble crayons and more.

Each layer is sealed with acrylic medium, which adds to the depth.  The final painting is sealed, and given two coats of matte acrylic varnish, which unites all the layers and maintains the deep texture and character of the finished painting.

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Link to blog with more information. – where I explain much more about the process that created them.

Link to art currently for sale.

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