2020, the year when it all unravelled…….

At the start of 2020, my art was already changing, but the beginning of the pandemic, with all the anxiety and uncertainty that entailed, enhanced the feeling that I was moving into a new phase. That I was unravelling and finding a new way of expressing myself in my art.

In April 2020, I put on an online exhibition of some early acrylic abstracts that I had been doing in the previous 2-3 months. I loved the immediacy of being able to host an exhibition within weeks of making the work. Rather than sell any actual artworks, I put my work onto Teemill t-shirts (the greenest, most eco clothing you can buy, made in wind powered factories on the Isle of Wight) and on houseware at Redbubble, which proved to be very popular.

Below are some of the pictures as I exhibited them, it’s not perfect but it was fun! When preparing these paintings, I found a poem called “How I became a warrior” by Jeff Foster, which encapsulates our personal journeys so well that I have used it as the inspiration for many of the names of the pieces.

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

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