Recent work

Since 2020 I have taken my art practice deeper and have been exploring how to express how I feel about my local area and inner world. The links below take you to work over the last six to twelve months.

The absence of you – a group of abstract acrylics which encapsulate the feeling of realising that a significant person in your life is absent, they are not present…. Find out more>

Walking the land – a series (currently) of six abstract acrylic mixed media paintings expressing my feelings about my local neighbourhood around Portsmouth Harbour. Find out more>

Layers of Time was a tryptic of deeply layered acrylic multi media (including collage, pen, ink and more!). I love how previous layers peek through but you never see the whole thing. Find out more >

Since September 2022 I have been playing with pen and ink and how I can in corporate mindful drawing into my daily practice. I have been creating one A4 painting a day for a few weeks now and it is extremely satisfying. This technique is starting to show in my larger paintings already. Find out more in a recent blog post >

And spirits is a large acrylic / multimedia painting that was exhibited in July. It was inspired by the historic Royal Arms in Gosport and the story of the painting is here>

Forton Creek

Like many, I have seen my immediate area with new eyes since the pandemic and Forton Creek (off Portsmouth Harbour in Gosport) is now part of my daily walk. I love the area and capturing that in paint is a life long task! Find out more >

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