Alongside my photography, I have always painted. Initially in watercolour but since 2020 I have been developing a much more satisfying acrylic, collage, multimedia practice which feels more authentically me. The layers are built up over time, using a variety of tools, marks and media to give a rich painting that works on many levels.

“There is a big difference between what a painting is ‘of’ and what it is ‘about’. I’d like to think that all these pieces [in the exhibition] are true to place, but know they are not concerned with any superficial likeness… The paintings are about something more internal than external.”

Simon Carter speaking about a recent exhibition (2022)

Like Simon, my work is internal, not external. Sometimes there are recognisable aspects, but these are always metaphors for how I feel about the subject.

Please take the links below to various galleries of my work. Two of these series, Not my body not my mind, and my MA Liminal series, also contain other multimedia such as sculpture and video.

See my most recent work.

Liminal – MA Fine Art
Not my body, not my mind
Creative Watercolour
Layers of time

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