Imagine waking up one day and everything you thought you knew about yourself had changed. Going through the menopause was a frightening experience, nothing worked like it used to, my tastes had changed, my mind had changed, my body had changed, everything was alien and on top of that, I now also felt invisible to the wider world. 

‘Not my body, not my mind’  is a series of works that explore of the terror of waking up changed and my two year journey to find out who I now was.

“I was a stranger to myself” Tori Amos

My practice focuses on realising the somatic feelings and experiences of being a professional woman over 50.   Due to the diverse nature of these feelings, I choose different media or genre depending on what I need to convey.   If I feel strongly about something, I will make a piece of art to explore those feelings, in an effort to understand myself.   Often working at the edges, liminal spaces and liminal times are dangerous, uncomfortable, chaotic places.    

Liminal Man 2016 – 10ft high digital print

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