I’ve been Inside……

We shelter here sometimes……

I have just come back from an extraordinary exhibition in Portsmouth by renouned street artist My Dog Sighs.

The artist has spent the pandemic developing a whole world for his characters, especially his quiet little voices, who come to life, in many forms and have their own language and environment.

The location for the exibition is perfect, a disused and deralict ballroom/bar which has been abandoned for decades to become part of the exhibition with the crumbling decay – reminding us that ‘momento mori’ – everything must die.

The work itself is breathtaking in the depth and bredth of what My Dog has achieved in a relatively short space of time – he is prolific. I can only imagine the excitement he felt when he first walked into that amazing building and started to see what he could achieve in his head. The effort that has gone into this work is way beyond any normal art exhibition – it is an experience. The mood is enhanced by the atmospheric lighting and sound, and topped off by a glitter ball to remind us of past glories.

And look out for the secret message from the artist…… You’ll have to work to decifer it!

I poured myself in

I wrote myself out…

Paul, My Dog Sighs

The mood is dark, deep, melancholy and simultaneously hopeful and bright. Everyman features heavily of course with his wonderful poetic phrases too.

The pictures here are my own and deliberately not of the work directly but more the underlying ‘canvas’ for the work, the decaying building and atmospheric shadows – but you can find out more on My Dog Sighs website and the exibition only runs for one more week until 1st August 2021 although I cannot imagine this is the last we see of this wonderful collection of work.

I am jealous of the opportinity to really let rip and go for it – it feels as if My Dog really gave it his all. Amazing.

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