Creativity and subversion – where does it come from?

Subversion / creativity project

I have had some time this week for my uni work!  (but perhaps not as much as I’d like) – I have done a great deal more research about the origins of creativity – where does that human streak come from?    I have been reading about how the Greeks thought it was a gift from God, to Freud who was one of the first people to think it arose from the subconscious.
Personally I think it is the child within us who is creative – if you subscribe to the TA (Tranactional Analysis) school of thought, it would be the free child who is fun, free and creative (and subversive – there are no rules!) but in the majority of people, this free child is squashed by the critical parent within us all who tells the child in us that they are not artistic, can’t behave like that, are not doing it right etc.   We all have this side of us that seeks to criticise what we do, and we all have a rebellious child within who wants to break free! (And we need a sensible Adult to help us moderate the more off the wall ideas the free child might have 🙂 )
The model below is very simplified, for more detailed information see

Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis model of self
Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis model of ego states

Subversive graffiti

I was interested in this news story from the week, about how graffiti artists on the Homeland TV set, have subverted the show by writing negative comments about the show in Arabic graffiti!   The producers didn’t think to check it and it wasn’t uncovered until the show went out on air.   I do not know how appropriate the artists comments are, but I do applaud their creativity.
I am still thinking about how I can do some art to support the subversion theme….. no inspiration yet!   I did think that since one prominent form of subversion has been to be rude and use swear words and be generally obnoxious in order to annoy the older generation, I would subvert that by wearing T’shirts that said incredibly polite things on, like “Thank you very much” and “Golly gosh” but I see someone has been there before me!

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